Replied to Blogging in the Second Person: Open Correspondence for a Social Web? by James Shelley ( @jamesshelley Thank you for your post. I’m going to try to respond to you in the second person, as you suggested in your article. Let me say, it feels very strange and very informal. 😶
Here’s a couple of thoughts (in no particular order):

– comments are usually in 2nd person, whereas reply to blog posts are usually 3rd person (I’d have no qualms about responding to you in the 2nd person if I was replying to you in the comments section/ reply, but doing this in my own CMS is strange)

– love the idea of blog posts being like letters to each other

– would posts in the 2nd person restrict the conversation between the original poster and the responder? I’d feel rude butting in on someone else’s conversation.
I’ll need to think more about this.