Why do I keep my social accounts?

Why do I keep my social accounts? For me, the main (and, I think, only) function of social media is to exchange email addresses and cell numbers — exactly so we can get on with coordinating community spaces together, beyond proprietary platforms.

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  1. @seishonagon I suspect many people find value in social media in different ways. My statement was redunctionistic in that it was prompted by a personal question: when I use it, what do I do with it? The answer, for me, is that social media is more like a dynamic directory service than anything else. The ”keeping in touch” part for me happens through other tools.

  2. @jamesshelley that sounds reductive. I keep “in touch” (for various values of “in touch”) with a crowd of people I’ve met in very different places over the year. It’s a mix of a newspaper’s social page, a yearly Christmas letter and a long-distance, letter-based chess game.

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