Is curiosity a prerequisite

Is curiosity a prerequisite for empathy?

17 thoughts on “Is curiosity a prerequisite

  1. hmmm except that i’ve known many highly curious people who were not empathetic – the person I’m thinking of is on the spectrum, highly curious and intelligent, but lacking in empathy (and to be clear, I know that being on the spectrum doesn’t automatically mean you are not empathetic!), or are brilliant but socially inept/unfeeling. Kind of a Sherlock Holmes kind of character.

  2. Yeah but the question isn’t “Can you be curious without being empathetic?” You gave a great example of how one can, but that doesn’t bring us any closer to answering James’ question. I’ll assume all who’ve answered are both curious and empathetic, but unless someone says “Hey, I’m empathetic but not at all curious!” we can’t know. Only a negative assertion can prove it; positive ones can only support the opposing view. Though I definitely lean toward agreeing with the common position so far.

  3. Wondering about: curiosity+compassion=empathy? Whereas compassion w/o curiosity can be unempathetic (eg patronizing or platitudinous sympathy etc) and curiosity without compassion can be detached, impersonal positivism.

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