As one of many citizens

As one of many citizens who depend on safe and accessible sidewalks for work and daily life — no less than motorists depend on safe roads — I wonder how much more tax we’d need to pay to become equal citizens to drivers in snow removal prioritization?

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    1. It is amazing that a city prepared to spend hundreds of millions on a fancy Rapid Transit System still does not understand that riders must first walk to a bus stop. It shows how the basic needs of citizens are ignored as vast expensive day dreams are pursued as a panecea.

    1. An additional issue is the tendency to build sidewalks right beside roads rather than set back. It is uncomfortable and dangerous to start, then add the fact that any snow plowed from the road must land on the sidewalk. Why is it legal to push snow onto the sidewalk yet illegal to push snow onto a road.

  1. Enhanced service went before council this last budget cycle. These are the options that were offered and council went with G and H. I’m going to spend some time this year making sure that this ia A) an election issue and B) in the forefront when the budget rolls around. The problem is that it’s tough to get people worked up about snow removal in late summer and early fall.

  2. There’s a bike lane near my house. This past summer they actually added metal posts along the divider between it and the road. It was great. I wondered “how will they plow around/between them in winter?” — answer: remove them in winter, and fill the bike lane with snow :( FAIL.

  3. I lifted a elderly man off the street this week as I saw him fall while sitting at the light. There was 3 cars ahead of me and everyone just drove except the guy in the white truck that didn’t see the light change as he was too busy watching the old man try to get up. When I cut him off to pull into the driveway to help this guy honked his horn at me. I should note I could have thrown a stone through a city hall window. It was ridiculous and this was 5pm in the afternoon.

  4. I was pleased by the sound of a snowplow on our street during the night. Might as well plow all the hard, icy stuff back up into the driveway. I couldn’t imagine a plow actually doing that days ago when it was just snow. Anything goes in this city of opportunity.

  5. We had a plow around 1am or so too. It woke me up because it sounded like it smashed into someone’s recycling bins that are still out waiting for collection or something. Then I could see it struggling to turn around and smashing into our trees. Sigh. At least it’s plowed now.




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