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  1. Well, something like gender is such a loaded term… like the meaning of Christianity or ‘right’ and ‘left’. People believe they understand the concepts of masculine and feminine as though they are solid categories throughout history and base their identities on them as though they are natural and predetermined in a strict sense. Human knowledge of how people should treat gender is very tentative and changes throughout time. Why not allow new categories of gender, unless you have some vested interest in maintaining a binary. Of course, this is premised on some idea that physiological sex can be separate from gender, so if we can’t get past that point, which I think is empirically provable, then we share different premises and this leads to divergent logical conclusions.

  2. I think you missed the irony intended in my question… if human knowledge is extremely tenable, then doesn’t that mean that your knowledge (about knowledge being tenable) is tenable. Never as funny when you have to explain :-)


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