Creed of the Dogmatic Moderate

I am a hardcore, fundamentalist moderate.

You will not deter me from constantly, tenaciously, and assertively seeking the middle way. The bulwark of my conviction is the pursuit of understanding: I shall never be persuaded to listen to one side at the cost of shutting out the other completely.

My choices, decisions and convictions are works in progress. The jury of my mind stays in habitual deliberation. I move forward with agendas to affect change in the world with the belief that acting, learning, reevaluating and transforming are interdependently inseparable.

The more committed I am to being a moderate, the more skeptical I also become of my own totalizing worldview — of moderation itself — and the more apt I am to question my own presuppositions, assumptions and perspectives.

I am a hardcore, fundamentalist moderate… at least I am today.

Standing for moderation means standing against extremism. The antagonistic forces to moderatism are ideologies which demand conversion and suppress the understanding the other on their own terms.

But compromise is not an option. It is the only way.

It is sheer hypocrisy to seek to “convert” people to “becoming” a “moderate” as if it is itself a kind of religion or sect.

True “moderation” simply seeks only to inspire a greater understanding of others — not to “deconvert”, circumvent or dethrone any particular belief system.

Thus, the creed of the dogmatic moderate: I commit to understanding others, and influencing as many people as I can to do likewise. Every person, of any creed, philosophy or religion can be a dogmatic moderate, for every person has the option of choosing to learn from those who believe and think differently.

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