Blogging and Trusting

We often underestimate the trust that is associated with blogging. When I subscribe to a blog I am virtually inviting someone else (perhaps a rather talkative person) to make an apartment adjacent to the living room of my mind. Every time I check a blog or browse through RSS channels I am performing a wager of trust, banking on the author’s resolve to share things worth sharing.

Every post, every update, every act of “publishing” online is an act of trust-building or trust-breaking.

As with any form of human expression, there are times when the interests and intents of the consumer simply do not align with those of the creator. In this case, it may not be an issue of “trust broken” as much as it a flirtatious literary partnership that was just never meant to get serious. And this is fine. In fact, we’d be better off if we were more promiscuous readers from time to time. (There’s nothing wrong with a one-post stand; a fiery one-off that is so intense you can’t remember the author’s name in the morning.)

Regardless of the metaphor we choose for our readers, it falls upon the authors, I believe, to make the first moves to towards a committed relationship. There are some topics that are simply not good for discussion on a first date — especially things like running commentaries on minutiae void of consequence. Readers, like eligible suitors, tend to be put off by desperate, insecure ramblings that amount to little more than pleas for attention.

In summation: blog for others as you would have others blog for you.

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