Central Conversations

New episodes are recorded before a live audience at Central on Monday evenings. Come listen to the conversation and participate in an ‘off-air’ discussion with the guest. Your questions and ideas shape the dialogue. All welcome. No registration required.

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Are We Actually Moving the Needle on Poverty?

Abe Oudshoorn discusses poverty reduction efforts in London: As tax payers and charity givers, we spend millions of dollars to address poverty… But does it all really make any difference?

Human Rights in Education: Do we really mean all students?

Jacqueline Specht joins us to take a critical look at the strategy employed to structure school classrooms in Ontario compared to other Provinces.

Through the Radio Talk Show Looking Glass

Alan Coombs reflects on what you can learn about a community from its call-in radio shows.

Why Debating is a Life Skill

Cassandra Cervi joins us to talk about how competitive debating can influence politics, society, and individual lives.