My Rights vs. Your Rights

Monday, September 25, 2017, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Central Library (Directions)
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What happens when one person’s human rights seems to violate or compete with another person’s human rights?

Canada is full of legal examples where the rights to be free from discrimination based on creed, sexual orientation, or gender may be perceived to be at odds with one another in different circumstances. For instance, what happens when a gay 17-year-old student wants to take his partner to prom but the Catholic School Board disallows it on the basis of religious conviction? Whose rights ‘win’ in this scenario?

In Canada’s increasingly diverse society, the question of competing human rights comes up often. Join us as we pick apart some legal cases to see how these conflicts are resolved in the court system.

To help us navigate the issue, our good friend Susan Toth (@TothSusan) returns to the podcast. Susan is a partner at Polishuk Camman & Steele and serves on the board for the Urban League of London and the London Police Services Board.

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