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Laurie McCann said: James, I love your blog / writing! That said: In my experience "Should" is not a very useful word. I think it would just be a better world if everyone were truly curious, seeking to connect with - appropriately- and understand the interests and values of others. Such willingness does not imply agreement. Willingness to truly listen almost always creates some kind of path forward. (Posted on Monday, May 22, 2017, in response to Curiosity. Reply to this comment.)

Nathan Colquhoun said: I see curiosity as a gift. I'm grateful I am curious, that I can listen to non-curious people and learn from them. I recognize though that I am not this way because of anything that I have chosen or done on my own. We also have to recognize, that for an infinite amount of reasons, not everyone has received this gift. To say that one ought to be curious is to not recognize this gift for yourself and imply that your way of being is superior to all else, which in many ways ironically ends in you being less curious. (Posted on Sunday, May 21, 2017, in response to Curiosity. Reply to this comment.)

Chris M said: LOL ....There is money to be made off us poor folk. We rarely see money, we stay poor and yet keep getting asked the same questions, giving the same answers....asking for the simplest of things to improve our own situation, but ....if they resolved the poverty issue, what would these folks do for a job then? I sometimes feel so used and I wish that those in government got minimum wage for their work for a change and no pension...after all even with work my family can't save for one, and if you are a client of OW and ODSP you are not allowed to save too much (ODSP) to improve your situation. (Posted on Sunday, May 14, 2017, in response to Poverty-Industrial Complex. Reply to this comment.)

Abe Oudshoorn said: Mike, I personally haven't met any "political actors that take on single ‘identity issues’ without situating that struggle in a broader context that highlights connections that cut across identity groups". I certainly meet a lot of people who focus their energy on a particular form of oppression, but that doesn't mean they lack a theoretical understanding of intersectionality, it means you can't fight all things as one person. The identity politics use you are highlighting is largely a strawman argument in my experience, and disparages and divides the left. (Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2017, in response to Identity Politics. Reply to this comment.)

John Koraen said: In order to participate in and contribute to civic engagement, we must strive to be as informed as possible with all the information available, and weigh our own biases based on our one knowledge and past experiences, against those of the community as a whole to present a viewpoint that reflects the best interests of the entire community both in the present and in the future (Posted on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, in response to Cognitive Bias Codex. Reply to this comment.)